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Ceramic Saddles

Ideally, ceramic saddles are used to ensure efficient mass transfer and low-pressure drop. They are also good for distillation especially when one is working with acids.

They are made from the porcelain chemical and therefore, have a high resistance to all acids.

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Ceramic Ring

Ceramic rings are made out of jewelry grade zirconium ceramic, also known as a titanium carbide. Jewelry grade Ceramic is incredibly hard and virtually scratch proof in any color.

The luster of ceramic rings are much like tungsten rings where the surface shine.

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Ceramic Ring Partitioned

Ceramic Cross Partition Ring is a packing designed basically from the Raschig Ring with the cross-partitions inside to increase the surface.

And enhance the transfer efficiency.Ceramic Cross Partition Rings are available to the order.

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Inert Ceramic Balls

Inert ceramic (porcelain) balls are used to fill and support the catalyst layer in catalytic columns and reactors, and as grinding bodies in ball mills. The balls used for those kinds of applications.

The balls are made of high quality solid pressed silicate porcelain with an aluminum oxide content.

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Grid Block

However, recent development in cities does not give importance to the study of the Grid Block that give rise to numerous Grid that are not interconnected.

Housing schemes and commercial developments built far away from where Grid Block.

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Ceramic Ultra

Size MM(Nominal) 25 mm 38 mm 50 mm 76 mm
 Weight(Aprx±10%) Kg per cubic meter 550 560 570 580
 Surface Area M2/M3 (Aprx) 77 78 79 77
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Ceramic Honeycomb

The main application for ceramic honeycomb heat media is regenerative afterburning - also known as regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO).

RTO units are typically used by the pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, paper, wood processing, electronics and printed circuit board industries.

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